Gerry Hartland

I have built a stand alone website for my stories and my essays The link to the site is

Clicking on the titles below will take you to the individual story

My clogs

Life below sea level

My goats and the train

A visit to Stonehenge

Cat island

The war remembered part 1

The war remembered part 2

The film buff

The widow

A Dutch tragedy

The cat lovers

The Porsche

In the footsteps of Cezanne

The hidden room

The hide-away

During language courses I took over the years I wrote several essays in french and italian. Italian was always easier for me.
One can view the french essays by clicking on the title of the essay

L'ecole - Le visiteur - les sabots le service 
La vie près de l'eau  
L'architecte en voyage - La urgeoisie - 
Les histoires des vies 

I wrote these italian essays after completing a language course at the university of Perugia, when I returned to my classes here.
The themes were set by the lecturer,
Click on the titles to view the pdf files

La moda - L'hospedale - La monarchia - i gialli  - La publicità - 
la tempesta