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I was born in Holland in 1930 and came to Australia in 1952. I worked as an architect and consultant in the building industry until I retired in 1995 I now work [with great difficulty at times] as a water-colour painter. I have been married to Joan for over 50 years.

We have 3 children and 5 grand children. Number 5 was the arrival of Mark the little Budda My full name is Gerrit Nicolaas Hartland but my friends call me Gerry.

My father was the last of 5 generations of fishermen who lived in the village of Koedijk in West Friesland where I was also born. it is interesting in a boring way that my grand father and his father on my father's side and my grand father and his father on my mother's side were also fishermen.

I build my own house some 50 years ago and we have lived there ever since. The house like some of my painting has remained unfinished and has now become overgrown. Like its builder it needs a face lift

After an interview my friend Elliott Renzies had this to say about me as an artist.

My contact details for private and business contact is

Gerrit Hartland: 6 Andrew Street Forest Hill
Vic 3131 Australia




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My portrait by my daughter professor Elizabeth Hartland