Gerry Hartland

My Collection

 ACT and Snowy

 Pictures from the ACT and the Snowy 


 Sketches drawings and photos from home

 Barge trip 2012

Photos and sketches from our barge trip on the Seine and the  Marne  from Paris to Epernay

 Bavaria and Tyrol

 Sketches and some photos from a trip in 2004

 Belgium and the Rhine

 Photos and sketches from visits in 2008 and 2012

 British Isles

Sketches and drawings from England and Wales from 1995 onwards


  Sketches and photos from a trip in 2008


Sketches from various trips excluding two trips by barge 

Burgundy Barge Trips

 Sketches and photos from barge trips in 2009 and 2011


Some sketches and photos from a trip in July 2013  


Sketches, drawings, and photos from a visit in 1999 
  Europe 2014
 Sketches and watercolours from a European tour in late 2014


France Drawings and color sketches of various tours from 1997 to 2005
 France 2005 Drawings and color sketches from 2005 onwards   
 Ireland  Sketches and photos from a trip in 2003
 Italy Watercolours,drawings,and photos from trips in 1991, 1997, 2006 
Languedoc  Sketches and photos from this ancient part of France and from a barge trip on the Midi canal   
 Laura's page Pastel sketches by my granddaughter  
 Netherlands    Photos from our 2012 visit. with sketches past and present
 New Zealand  Sketches, drawings, and photos from visits in 2008 and 2009
 Provence  Sketches, drawings, and photos from visits in 1999 and 2007
 Scotland  Sketches from a gloomy trip in Scotland
Switzerland Sketches, photos,pastels from visits in 2004 and 2011


 A separate page for my Tassie sketches 
 USA and Canada Drawings,sketches, and some photos from the USA and Canada 

 World mountains

 Sketches in various media of mountains seen but not climbed